Don’t focus on your children’s happiness

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Far too many parents are obsessed with their children’s “happiness.”
They think that they are being good parents when their children are happy, that they are bad parents when their children aren’t happy, and that parenting decisions should be made according to what makes their children the happiest.
Nothing could be more wrong.
Modern parents’ emphasis on our children being “happy” has led to the most depressed, anxious, medicated generation in history.

Their happiness is up to them, not you

Our children’s happiness is up to them. It’s not up to the parents. It’s not your job to ensure that your kids are “happy.”
It’s our job as parents to ensure that your children have the values and character that will set them up for success in life.
Honesty. Work ethic. Faith. Integrity. Perseverance. Love. Those are the things we should want for our children.
A child that is honest, faithful, loving, who has a good work ethic and integrity- that child will do well in life. A life lived with those qualities will lead to happiness.
Character leads to happiness. Unfortunately, the opposite isn’t always true.
Parents, stop trying to make your kids happy all the time. That’s not your job. Raise children of character and watch them in turn achieve high levels of happiness for themselves.
My parents didn’t particularly care if I was happy. They were far more concerned with me being GOOD.
So should we all.

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