Building Trust in Your Marriage

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Building Trust



The biggest compliment you can pay someone is to trust them.
Trust says, “I believe you.”
Trust says, “I don’t need another source, opinion, or proof. I don’t need to check what you’re saying or doing. Your word is good enough for me.”
That’s a scary thought for most people. Yet we cannot live in this world without it.
Couples that don’t trust each other don’t stay together. Employees who can’t be trusted get fired. Christians who don’t trust God wallow in lukewarmness and ineffectiveness.

Nothing happens without trust

The wisest thing you can do in life is to guard the trust that people put in you. Never betray the trust people have in you. Guard it like you guard your own life. Value it like all the gold at Fort Knox.
People who abuse the trust placed in them can expect to be kept at arm’s length by people for the rest of their lives. They can expect to be very lonely. They sowed distrust and will reap a lifetime of suspicion from others. What a terrible way to live. I’ve seen people like this. It’s very sad. Right next to them in misery are people who, ironically, don’t trust anyone. They keep everyone at arm’s length, make enemies out of friends, and isolate themselves from life-giving relationships and joy.
The happiest people I know are the people who are trusted by others and trust others as well. They have established their reputation and have created a circle of people of similar character who can be trusted. Those people do very well in life.
The trust people have in you may be the most valuable possession you will ever possess. Do whatever you can to build it and keep it. Never betray it.

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