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A message for parents today – Many of us think that we can build self-confidence into our children by complimenting them or cheering them on or being their biggest fan. Wrong. Completely wrong. In fact, overly complimenting our children or cheering them on TOO much can have the reverse effect. Yes, parents- you can compliment your children too much. Encouraging our children doesn’t build self-confidence in them. Only one thing does:

You are Raising Adults, not Raising Children

“Self-confidence is only gained one way, and that is by overcoming obstacles. When children overcome obstacles and master the skills necessary to do so, they approach life with a winning attitude.
They are comfortable with being challenged because they know they can win. Parents who do everything for their children shouldn’t be surprised that their children are fearful, anxious, and unable to handle life.
Children who have never had the chance to master life skills, overcome challenges, or struggle to solve problems never develop the self-confidence they need to live full, independent, happy lives.
Remember parents- you are raising adults, not raising children.”
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