The Perfect Spouse Conference

What couples are saying!

  • “The Perfect Spouse Marriage Conference (based on this book) has been a great way to set a firm foundation for our marriage. As a newly married couple, the topics have been very helpful in setting up the way we communicate. Additionally, the time to reflect on our own and then discuss with each other has opened the lines of communication and opened our eyes to things we might not have noticed. This material is a game changer for any marriage!”


    Kevin and Rhiannon Minke

Information about the Perfect Spouse Conference

The Perfect Spouse Conference is based on information in the book. The conferences can take several different forms:

1) One-Time Event
2) Weekend Event (4-6 sessions)
3) Week Long Event (8-10 Sessions)
4) Any combination of the above, depending on how many sessions are needed for your event.

Conference Topics:

1) The Root Cause of All Conflict
2) Become Good At Forgiving
3) Keep Your Words Sweet- You May Have To Eat Them (Learning to communicate in healthy ways)
4) Be The Person You Want Your Children To Be (Learning to Parent Well)
5) Never Win An Argument (How To Think Win/Win In Marriage)
6) Just Go To Bed (Why 10 pm Is The Most Important Hour Of The Day)
7) Building A High-Trust Home (Trust Is The Most Valuable Thing You Have)
8) Make All Financial Decisions Together (How To Eliminate 80% Of The Conflict In Your Home)
9) God First- Everything Else a Distant Second (How To Put God First In Everything)
10) Staying Married Through Grief and Loss

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