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The Three-Category System of Money Management

In money management, I divide my finances into three separate parts: Money I Need Monthly, Money I Won't Need in the Next Five Years, and the third and most neglected category: Money I Don't Need Monthly But May Need in the Next Five Years Every dollar I have is in...

Use a Sinking Fund to pay cash for a car

A sinking fund is a fund set aside for a specific purchase you will need to make in the future. For example, cars wear out over time. We all know that the current car we are driving won't last- sooner or later it will break down and we will need to buy a new one. We...

Should a Christian tithe on Net income or Gross income?

One of the areas where I get questions as a pastor is about giving. The big frequently asked questions I get are: How much should a Christian give? Why does God want us to give? Does it count if I tithe to an organization other than my church? Should a Christian tithe...
Why Living Within Your Means Leads To Opportunities

Why Living Within Your Means Leads To Opportunities

Right now, everyone is concerned with debt. National debt, personal debt- everyone knows who Dave Ramsey is and everyone is constantly hearing about the burden of student loan and credit card debt that is destroying, literally, an entire generation of young people....

A Great Way To Start Teaching Your Kids How To Handle Finances

A Great Way To Start Teaching Your Kids How To Handle Finances

When I was five years old, my parents started to give me an allowance. My eyes lit up- I could now conquer the world. I had at my disposal the power to buy off anyone, to have my way, to own all the toys that Thornbury's (yes, Thornbury's in the Fayette Mall, for all...

Success Stories

  • We started our first week of financial coaching with David Kibler and we got a lot of things put into perspective that we just didn’t know.

    I had tried to budget before, but it never really worked for us. After we sat down with him and got it all on paper, it all made sense. He walked us through the Baby Steps and got us on a plan to get out of debt within a year and be home owners within two.

    The greatest thing was that he helped us find between $500-$600 per month that we were spending without knowing it- it was just disappearing on small stupid purchases. We are now using that to get us closer to our life goals.

    Josh and Chasity Taylor

"My rule for investing is this: when everyone is panicking, BUY; when everyone is buying, PANIC."

Warren Buffett